NAPT Heroism Award

The Heroism Award, sponsored by Blue Bird, is intended to recognize appropriate acts of heroism demonstrated in the school transportation industry. Those eligible for nomination include any person who is either directly or indirectly involved with saving a life or lives.

The life saving action must:
  • Have been performed by a person directly involved in the school transportation industry;
  • If not performed by a person directly involved in the school transportation industry (i.e. students or bystanders), the action must directly affect the school transportation operation/program.
Congratulations to our 2023 Heroism Award Winner Dillon Reeves!

Guidelines for Nomination

Acts of heroism for each award year will be based on heroic actions performed any time during the three (3) preceding calendar years.

Selection criteria includes:

  • Threat to one's own life
  • Number of lives saved
  • Impact on school transportation industry
  • Impact on individual's operation/program

Award Description

The recipient will receive the following:

  • Full Delegate Registration to the NAPT Conference & Trade Show 
  • Hotel accommodations for up to five (5) nights (generally Friday through Tuesday) as reserved by NAPT 
  • Meal allowance for meals not covered by the conference ($150; must provide receipts at end of conference)
  • Mileage/Flight reimbursement ($500 max; must provide receipts at end of conference)


A representative of the NAPT Awards Committee will notify the recipient whenever an award winner is identified.

Nominations/Application Requirements

Nominations must be:
  • Submitted by an NAPT member, or key district administrator
  • Endorsed by a minimum of 2 colleagues

NAPT Heroism Award Nomination Form

Award winners will be honored at the 2024 Annual Conference and Trade Show in Oklahoma City, OK.

Congratulations to previous recipients!

1989 - James Perry, CA
1990 - Bunny Altomer, NY
1991 - Timothy Ross, MN
1992 - Connie Lunt, NV
1993 - Darlene Snyder, KY
1994 - Diane Goodin, KY
1995 - Jim Harris, OR
1996 - Rosemary Hopkins, WA
1997 - Geraldine Friese, MO
1998 - Roland Davis, NY
1999 - Wanema Arndt, AK
2000 - Rodney Moore, WV
2001 - Guillermina Cortez, CA
2002 - Sandra Plotar & Lynn Huskey, SC
2003 - Henry Nelms, TN
2004 - Charles Greller, David Lucas & Sandra Graham, FL
2005 - Heather Jeane, TX
2006 - Zita Ferebee, NC
2007 - Larry Davis & Grace Smith, NJ
2008 - Nancy Sherman, NM
2009 - Dreana Trent, GA
2011 - John Fothergill, IA
2012 - Cathy Snow, CA
2013 - Charles Poland, Jr., AL
2014 - Chuck Dziegiel, NY
2015 - Alice Bradley, NC
2016 - Renita Smith, MD
2017 - Jeanine Buck, GA
2018 - Karson Vega, TX
2019 - Samantha Call, NY 
2023 - Dillon Reeves, MI