NAPT Continuing Education Award

The Continuing Education Award, sponsored by Thomas Built Buses, was created to help further the education of an NAPT member in the field of public school transportation.
Congratulations to our 2023 Continuing Education Award Winner Stephanie Walker, CDPT, CSPT, CSNT, CPTS!

Guidelines for Nomination

Applicant/candidate must be an NAPT member for three (3) continuous years or more and may not have been the recipient of the award the four (4) preceding years.

Award Description

The recipient will receive the following:
  • Full Delegate Registration to the NAPT Conference & Trade Show 
  • Hotel accommodations for up to five (5) nights (generally Friday through Tuesday) as reserved by NAPT 
  • Meal allowance for meals not covered by the conference ($150; must provide receipts at end of conference)
  • Mileage/Flight reimbursement ($500 max; must provide receipts at end of conference)
  • Grant for additional education ($500); the grant may be used for pre-approved tuition/registration, travel, lodging and/or meal expenses at an NAPT affiliated event, the annual NAPT Summit, any of the 40+ courses in the NAPT Professional Development Series either online or in person, or accredited secondary education courses. 


A representative of the NAPT Awards Committee will notify the recipient whenever an award winner is identified.

Nomination/Application Requirements

  • Submitted by an NAPT member, or key district administrator

NAPT Continuing Education Nomination Form

Award winners will be honored at the 2024 Annual Conference and Trade Show in Oklahoma City, OK.

Congratulations to previous recipients!

1987 - Marvin Guy, TX
1988 - Andy Martin, NY
1989 - Lucille Pepper, IL
1990 - Jerry B. Milliken, WV
1991 - George Sontag III & Judith Dahlstrom, IN
1992 - Jean Mann, NE
1993 - Patricia Crone, TX
1994 - William Langlois, RI
1995 - Marvin Bartel, MI
1996 - Michael J. Brown, MO
1997 - Robert G. Peters, NY & James D. Ridley, IN
1998 - Glen M. "Shorty" Huffman, CO
1999 - Cheryl Moore, KY & Joe Precourt, AK
2000 - Rebecca Stokes, KY
2001 - Rebecca Elder, NY
2002 - William Tousley, MI
2004 - Toni Parlier, NC & George R. Sontag, Jr., OH & Darryl K. Webb, SC
2005 - Grant Reppert, GA & Donald Mallory, SC
2006 - Derrick S. Berlin, IL
2009 - John Lyles, GA
2012 - Heather Handschin, VA
2013 - Donelda Williams, MO
2014 - Ronna Gerst, CO & Keith Kaup, TX
2015 - Bryan Johnson, MD & Rhonda Watson, SC
2016 - Teena Mitchell, CSNT, SC
2017 - Peggy Stone, WV
2018 - Laura Preston, MO
2019 - Rhonda Watson, SC
2023 - Stephanie Walker, GA