NAPT Distinguished Service Award

The NAPT Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize an individual who has performed exemplary service on behalf of NAPT at state and/or national levels. This award recognizes that one person each year, who exemplifies principles of high caliber leadership, that will insure the pupil transportation industry's reputation for safe, responsible, and economical service to our passengers.

Guidelines for Nomination

  • Candidate must be a member of NAPT.
  • Candidate must have a minimum of five (5) years experience in pupil transportation or related field. The candidate shall have been a member of NAPT for a minimum of three (3) years.
  • Candidate must be in an administrative, managerial or supervisory capacity and be actively engaged in the daily operation of pupil transportation. Candidate must be actively engaged as an administrator, manager or supervisor representing pupil transportation and/or pupil  transportation safety.

Award Description

The recipient receives a commemorative plaque.


The Chair of the NAPT Awards Committee holds the winner's name in confidence until presented at the NAPT Annual Conference.

Nomination/Application Requirements

Nominations must be submitted by an NAPT member and specifically include:
  • Name, mailing address and other pertinent information about the candidate;
  • Name, mailing address and other pertinent information regarding the employer of the candidate; and
  • Name, mailings address and phone number of the individual submitting the application.
The 2017 applications/nominations deadline has been extended to Friday, October 6.


Congratulations previous recipients!

1981 - Sherie Myer, NY & Edward Robertson
1982 - Dr. James Karo, UT
1983 - R. Dan Stevens, CA
1984 - Paula Hanna, IL
1985 - Don Gerig, IL
1986 - Frank Curran, MA
1987 - Bill Gordon, NJ
1988 - Wm. Richard Alexander, MD
1989 - Ray Westmoreland, TX
1990 - Carlisle Beasley, TN
1992 - Bill Loshbough, NM
1993 - Eugene L. Ednie, PA
1994 - Byron Watkins, KY
1995 - Stewart M. Roscoe, KY
1996 - D. Leeds Pickering, WY
1997 - Lucille J. Pepper, IL
1998 - Dennis Essary, OR
1999 - Carroll Pitts, Jr., GA
2000 - Linda F. Bluth, Ed.D., MD
2001 - Jerry B. Milliken, WV
2002 - George E. Donn, GA
2003 - Thomas Horn, IA
2004 - Richard Fischer, CO & George Horne, LA
2005 - Donald N. Tudor, SC
2006 - Bob Rubin, OH & Peter Grandolfo, IL
2007 - Robert C. Pape, NY & Pete Baxter, IN
2010 - Charles F. Hood, FL
2011 - Peter Lawrence, NY
2013 - Alexandra H. Robinson, CA
2014 - Frank DiGiacomo, NJ