Group Membership

NAPT is pleased to offer group membership pricing, giving your entire transportation department access to all of the benefits of individual membership at a reduced rate. Maximize your group membership! Encourage additional staff to join and you'll save even more per person. For any organizations wishing to enroll in NAPT's Group Membership option, the fee is reduced to $95/member.

Your staff's professional development plan. Our group pricing structure will enable you to offer every member of your team an opportunity to pursue continuing education online and at a reduced rate. By allowing each of your employees to connect directly with NAPT resources, colleagues and education, you're letting them know how important their professional development is to you.

Your connection to peers and role models. You already know the value of connecting to the collective knowledge of NAPT's 2,000+ transportation professionals, consultants, and industry partners. Now,instead of being solely responsible for sharing information or insights gleaned from your peers, your entire staff can have direct access to an unsurpassed network of experiences. They learn in their own way rather than through the prism of someone else's eyes.

NAPT's group membership saves your school system time and money. In this economy, your budget is always a factor. A group membership gives you up to twice as much for the same money. It will also save you time and energy-eliminating your gate-keeping duties to NAPT's resources and giving all your staff members access to the solutions they need.

Apply Online Today!  Or, download the Group Member Application.

Need a W9 form? Download it here

For additional information, or if you have questions about membership, contact NAPT headquarters at 800.989.6278 or