Committee Leadership

Administrative Committees

Audit - The Audit Committee recommends to the Board a professional accounting firm to conduct the annual audit of the Association's financial records. 
Chair: Keith Henry, CDPT

Elections - The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting NAPT elections in accordance policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors.
Chair: Pam McDonald

Executive Committee - Keith Henry, CDPT, Barry Sudduth, CDPT-SNT, & John Hazelette, CDPT

Finance - The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoringthe associations' investment portfolioto ensurecompliance with theinvestment policy adopted by the NAPT Board of Directors.
Chair: Willie A. Tarleton

Nominations - The Nominations Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance withthe association'snominating procedures.
Chair: Keith Henry, CDPT
Secretary - John Hazelette, CDPT
Treasurer - Willie A. Tarleton

Standing Committees

Awards - The Awards Committee works with the Board of Directors to administer and oversee the NAPT Awards Program.
Chair: Theresa Anderson

History, Archives and Hall of Fame - The History, Archives and Hall of FameCommitteeis responsible foroverseeingthe maintenance of NAPT archival records and administering the NAPT Hall of Fame application process in accordance with policies and procedures approved by the Board.
Chair: Keith Henry, CDPT

Professional Growth - The Professional Growth Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors about means, methods and other ways to provide educational opportunities to NAPT members. This committee has subcommittees thatadminister theNAPT Professional Certificationprogram and the NAPT Professional Development Series in accordance with policies and proceduresapproved by the Board.
Chair: Barry Sudduth, CDP-SNT
  • Subcommittee on Training & Professional Development - Steven Kalmes, CDPT
  • Subcommittee on International Outreach - Alexandra Robinson, CDP-SNT
Public Policy Committee - The Public Policy Committee makes recommendations to the NAPT Board of Directors about issues affecting pupil transportation and undertakesrelated activitiesapproved by the Board of Directors.
Chair: Peter F. Mannella
Consultant: Barry McCahill

Resolutions - The Resolutions Committee is responsible for soliciting resolutions from NAPT members, reviewing and presenting appropriate resolutions at the Annual Business Session, and distributing the approved resolutions to the appropriate individuals/entities.
Chair: Peter F. Mannella

School Bus Safety Poster Contest - The School Bus Safety Poster (SBSP) Committee is responsible for coordinating NAPT's role as a sponsor of National School Bus Safety Week, as well as managing the annual School Bus Safety Poster Contest.
Chair: Joe Hart

Special Needs - The NAPT Committee on Special Needs Transportationis responsible for gathering and evaluating information about special needs transportation and making recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Chair: Dr. Linda F. Bluth
Co-Chair: Dr. Peter Lawrence, CDPT
Advisory Committee: Kathy Furneaux, Susan Shutrump, Launi Harden, CDPT, Alexandra Robinson, CDPT, Marisa Weisinger

Ad-Hoc Committees/Task Forces/Special Projects

America's Best Tech/Inspect Competition
Chair: Kenny Mulder, CDPT-SNT

Leland E.G. Larson Quality Award 
Chair: Steven Kalmes, CDPT

State Association Outreach
Project Leaders: Keith Henry, CDPT, Dwight Gleaves