2023 Road Shows: A Series of Issue-Focused Events

Safety first, safety always.

The Road Show is an intimate event, designed to foster strategic conversations, align our professional insights, and examine the common issues we all face.


  • Spring Road Show: April 24 - 26, 2023 | Raleigh, NC

  • Summer Road Show: July 31 - August 2, 2023 | Buffalo, NY


To register for a specific Road Show, click the link below that best defines your registration needs.
Business Partners: attendance is contingent on sponsorship - for complete information on Road Show sponsorship, visit our informational page for NAPT® Business Partners.

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Registration Fee (per show)

  • Both events: $249/per event (member and non-member rate, NAPT® members will get early registration access) 
  • Both events $50/per PDS Course (optional) 

State Association Partners will receive a 50% discount from the published registration price! That means (4) members from your state association leadership can attend the event for just $124.50/per attendee. If you are interested, please email Angela Kelly for a special promotion code!

At a Glance Program Schedule (both shows)*

  • Monday:
    • (April) ​10am - 3pm: PDS Couse: 604 Prioritizing and Evaluating Operational Safety (April 24, 2023) - separate fee
      (August) ​10am - 3pm: PDS Couse: 304 Best Practices When Collecting, Analyzing and Using Data (April 24, 2023) - separate fee
    • 6pm: Welcome Reception and Dinner
  • Tuesday: 
    • 7:30am: Breakfast
    • 8:00am - 5:00pm: Conference sessions with a focus on safety. We will take a deep dive into significant safety topics surrounding student transportation, including: 
      • Student Management - managing a post-pandemic student population;
      • Community and Crisis Management - maintaining safe travel for all students;
      • Best Practices in Special Needs Student Transportation - lessons from industry experts
      • Tackling the Bus Driver Shortage Issue in Your Area - a look at recruiting and pre-hiring communications and plans;
      • Driver Training and Retention - building a lasting team from Day 1;
      • Creating the Safest Bus - new products and features to promote student and driver safety;
      • Leading From the Center - How to become a respected and valued member of the district management team.
    • 6:00pm: Networking Reception
    • Dinner on your own, time to explore the destination! 
  • Wednesday: 
    • 7:30am: Breakfast
    • 8:00am - 12pm: A continuation of our Tuesday sessions
    • 12pm: Event concludes, a boxed lunch will be provided

      *Subject to change.

Thank you to our sponsors!