Certification - Director

Certification as a Director of Pupil Transportation (CDPT) is available to those individuals who are qualified to serve as the top administrator of a pupil transportation system. To qualify for this certification, applicants must demonstrate that they are capable of handling a position that involves establishing programs and policies, setting standards, developing materials, and providing leadership to achieve designated goals. Applicants for this certification should have at least five years experience in a pupil transportation position of responsibility commensurate with the category of certification.

Specific Requirements

  • Attendance at two NAPT Annual Conferences
  • Completion of all core classes listed below, as well as 6 of the elective classes 
  • Submit an application with 4 professional references
  • Pass a Written Exam with a score of at least 90% ($50 application/exam fee required)
  • Presentation at national or state meetings, or accepted project/published article (recommended)
  • Continuous annual membership in NAPT

Core Classes (Mandatory)

  • 101 Student Transportation Orientation (available online)
  • 202 Presentation Skills (available online)
  • 205 Managing the Media (available online)
    or 208 Parent, Administrator, Board & Public Outreach (available online)
  • 301 Basic School Transportation Accounting (available online)
  • 302 Budget Development I (available online)
  • 304 Best Practices When Collecting, Analyzing and Using Data
  • 401 Managing Human Resources I (available online)
  • 402 Managing Human Resources: Employee Relations (available online)
  • 501 Overseeing a Fleet Maintenance Program I (available online)
  • 503 School Bus Specifications (available online)
  • 604 Prioritizing & Evaluating Operational Safety* 
    or 704 Strategic Planning for Transportation Departments
  • 606 Emergency Planning & Risk Management (8 hours) (available online)
  • 701 Intro to Leadership & Management (available online)
    or 702 Personal Skills for Managers (available online)
    or 703 Personal Skills-Time Management (available online) must take one of 701, 702 or 703
  • 801 Transporting Students with Disabilities & Special Needs (available online)
  • 902 Crisis Communication (available online)

Electives (must take 6 of the following)

  • 203 Communication Skills for Transportation Professionals (available online)
  • 204 Team Communication Strategies (available online)
  • 303 Procurement & Budget Management (available online)
  • 403 Labor Contract Negotiations & Management (available online)
  • 404 Strategies for Preventing Sexual Harassment, Bias and Child Abuse/ Neglect
  • 502 Advanced Shop Maintenance (501 is a pre-requisite; available online)
  • 505 School Facility Planning*
  • 607 Legal & Regulatory Fundamentals in Public School Transportation
  • 608 Developing A Safety Program
  • 609 Accident Investigation (8 hours)*
  • 802 Positioning, Seating & Securing of Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
  • 804 Products, Services & Equipment Options for Transporting Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
  • 805 Supporting Safe Behaviors on the School Bus for Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
  • 901 School Transportation Security Assessment (available online)
* Course Only Available at NAPT Annual Conference

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