Welcome from NAPT®'s New Executive Director and CEO

A message from Molly McGee Hewitt, Ph.D., CAE

November 15 marks my first official day as the CEO/Executive Director of NAPT® and the NAPT® Foundation. I'm so excited about this opportunity and the future before us, and I wanted my first priority to be communicating with members!

The most successful professional associations and foundations are member driven. This is key for me. I see my role, and that of our professional staff, as carrying out the directions and plans of our members and your elected leaders. While I will never forget that I work for you, I prefer to view it as working with you. It's a very special partnership.

As I look at my career, I believe every position I have held prior to arriving here has uniquely prepared me for this job! I have worked in schools and district offices, and with large educational associations and foundations. Funny how the universe works! While I understand I have much to learn, I do understand the challenges and issues facing our members and the profession.

Beginning in January, 2023, I will introduce a twice monthly blog. I'll share information, insights and commentary on our profession and education. The goal is to encourage and inspire you! What you do every day really matters in this world. In the hustle and bustle of life, and in the midst of the issues you face daily, it's easy to forget that. I never want you to forget the difference you make in the education of our students!

My new email is I welcome you to contact me with your suggestions, ideas, concerns or comments.

Thank you again for your time today and for the opportunity to serve NAPT® and the Foundation. This Thanksgiving, I have something wonderful to add to my list of blessings!

With great respect,

Molly…the new kid on the block!

Molly McGee Hewitt, Ph.D., CAE