Call to Action

The Road Ahead

It's easy to be supportive of the Zip. Zero Nada. None. concept. The real challenge, therefore, is how do we get everyone to buy in – to implement the changes in thinking and policy to make zero fatalities in school transportation a reality?  
It begins with local leadership— your PERSONAL commitment to facilitate any needed improvements.  ZZNN is not about making changes for change sake.  It's about identifying processes, procedures, and innovation that can make your community safer. 

As part of our effort to ensure that this is a widespread and grassroots campaign, we are encouraging our state association partners to adopt a resolution that endorses the principles of the “ZZNN™” initiative and commits members of their associations to engage in activities that advance those principles.   We are proud to note that the South Carolina Pupil Transportation Association (SCAPT) recently became the first state association to adopt such a resolution and we thank them for their leadership in doing so. Click here to download the sample resolution.
Every person in your organization has a perspective that could make a difference and can do something to support ZZNN.  Technicians, for example, see things every day that others don't.  Seek their input.   Set up inclusive brainstorming sessions that re-examine your procedures with a clean slate.  Encourage creative thinking without being judgmental.  Analyze both your successes and failures.  Collaborate on new ideas and then test them to validate promising improvements.  When your team begins to coalesce around promising ideas to make school buses safer, meet with your leadership and once they're on board with the suggestions, begin "making the case" with local community and political leaders.   
In short, this campaign requires a paradigm shift.  Our safety record is impressive, but it can be better – it MUST be better.  Unless and until we have ZERO fatalities in school transportation fatalities – Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  None. – we haven’t done enough.
By committing to the use of the cutting-edge hardware and technology, faultlessly screening drivers and supporting their professional development, and asserting our leadership in the communities we serve, the NAPT® Board is confident we can meet our goal of zero fatalities by 2025.  It will be an accomplishment for which we can all be immensely proud.