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The NAPT Webinar Series is a free member benefit to all active members of NAPT. Webinars cover a range of topics for all aspects of pupil transportation and will typically be held on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month at 1pm ET (dates subject to change based on presenters' availability). Check back here or watch your email for future topics and speaker information. 

Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, April 25

1pm ET


Learn more about The School Bus Driver Safety and Risk Index™, a driver assessment instrument created specifically to change safety in the student transportation industry! Unlike assessments you may have given in the past, this is NOT a personality-based assessment NOR is it an IQ test. This assessment is a unique, values-based assessment, created from research nominated for a Nobel Prize. It has been specifically tailored to our industry in order to measure an individual’s capacity to demonstrate sound judgment and make good decisions behind the wheel of a school bus.

This webinar will provide an overview of the Assessment, demonstrate results data, and highlight how this information impacts hiring/training current drivers. Our presenters will also discuss the validation studies and demonstrate the true value and benefit the Index provides. 

Speakers: Catherine Hickem & Cindy Barber, The Dash Group 

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Wednesday, May 30

1pm ET

Build Your Leadership Credibility

Are you sometimes unsure about whether you are supervising your team effectively? Supervision is one of the most important roles in an organization – but it requires a tricky balancing act between providing too much or too little direction & oversight.

In this webinar, Karen Main will review some of the best techniques, strategies and approaches you can implement to ensure your team is engaged and productive. This is a fast-paced and interactive session that includes quizzes and polls. We’ll address:
  • Understanding your role as a supervisor or manager
  • The importance of delegation
  • Strategies for delegating
  • How to transform individual and team meetings from unproductive to useful
Speaker: Karen Main, Innovations in Training

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Tuesday, June 26

1pm ET

Employer Brand: Strategic Tool to Attract, Recruit & Retain Talent

What is an Employer Brand? It is implementing a well-aligned employment brand that can increase the likelihood of attracting and retaining employees that best "fit" the organizational culture. In this session, practitioners will take a look at their company's current branding strategy and what elements need to be managed to effectively express the organization's value proposition, culture, systems, attitudes and employee relationships.

Participants will learn:
  • How to identify and clarify the company brand.
  • How to develop steps to ensure the employer brand is well executed.
  • Review current recruitment and retention processes to enhance and implement powerful branding strategies.
Speaker: Lori Miller, President of Developing Professionals

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