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The NAPT Webinar Series is a free member benefit to all active members of NAPT. Webinars cover a range of topics for all aspects of pupil transportation and will typically be held on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month at 1pm ET (dates subject to change based on presenters' availability).

Wednesday, April 24
1pm ET

Busing on the Lookout (BOTL): Training America's School Bus Drivers to Identify & Report Human Trafficking

Human trafficking — or modern-day slavery — is the exploitation of human beings through force, fraud, or coercion for the purposes of commercial sex or forced labor. There are an estimated 40 million victims of human trafficking globally, including thousands of school age children in the United States. 
Traffickers recruit victims out of schools and some children may continue to attend school even while they are being trafficked or groomed at night. School bus drivers see students almost every day as they transport them between home and school. They are often keenly aware of changes in students’ behavior, moods, physical appearance, and attendance. School bus drivers are uniquely positioned to see if new or different people are waiting to pick up a student at the bus stop or at school and may even observe signs of controlling or manipulative behavior.
Participants in this webinar will learn more about the crime of human trafficking and how to partner with Busing on the Lookout (BOTL) so that all pupil transportation managers and school bus drivers are equipped with the information necessary to help fight human trafficking as part of their everyday jobs.

Speaker: Annie Sovcik, Program Director - Busing on the Lookout (BOTL)
Cost: FREE for NAPT Members

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Tuesday, May 28
1pm ET

Smart Infrastructure: Connecting Smart Cars to Smart Cities

The next generation of vehicles are smart and connected. How will our public infrastructure change to support the new and emerging demands for smart, connected mobility? In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What new technologies do connected cars need?
  • What is smart infrastructure and how does it work?
  • How will smart infrastructure and connected cars impact mobility?

Speaker: Tim Sylvester, Founder - Integrated Roadways
Cost: FREE for NAPT Members

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Tuesday, June 25
1pm ET

The ABCs of School Choice: Understanding the Current Infrastructure

This webinar will provide an introduction to school choice in the United States and discuss the different types of school choice programs, with a focus on private school choice. It will present data showing where these programs operate and trends in participation. It will also present data on why parents exercise school choice and what they do differently.

Speaker: Martin F. Lueken, Ph.D., Director of Fiscal Policy & Analysis - EdChoice
Cost: FREE for NAPT Members

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