Railroad Crossing Safety

In an effort to raise awareness about safety on and around railroad crossings and tracks, NAPT has partnered with Amtrak and the Amtrak Police Department to share the following informational resources with student transportation professionals. Please feel free to share these videos with your staff and colleagues around the nation.

Emergency Notification System (video)

This video teaches all drivers and the general public about the Emergency Notification System or ENS. This system is activated by dialing a toll-free telephone number located on a blue and white sign that is at or near every railroad grade crossing in the country. The telephone number is answered by a train dispatcher 365/24/7 who is the only individual that can contact the train engineer directly to stop the train before it comes-in-contact with someone or something that is obstructing the tracks. Utilizing the ENS system is the most efficient and expedient method to physically stop a train and avoid a collision at a railroad grade crossing or along the right-of-way.  

View the video here

Cheating Death (video)

This video gives drivers and pedestrians a general overview of railroad safety and teaches the public about the consequences of failing to comply with state grade crossing and trespassing laws.

The piece describes real-life stories of those who lost their lives or became injured because they engaged in unsafe behavior on railroad tracks. Trespassing on railroad property is both illegal and dangerous. Thousands of people are hurt or killed each year because they disobey the laws and are struck by moving trains at crossings or along the railroad right-of-way.

View the video here