NAPT ACTS! is an educational streaming service offering a unique place for you to connect, collaborate, and grow with your peers from across the nation.

NAPT launched NAPT ACTS! in early 2021 with the goal to feature 40 different webinars and other curated content on school and transportation finance, employee and individual health & wellness, leadership, vehicle and equipment maintenance, current and future technology, safety and security, and transporting students with disabilities and their related special needs.

Subscribe to NAPT ACTS! and get access to both live and on-demand content created specifically to help you effectively manage the current and future challenges in K-12 transportation. NAPT members can pay as little as $2.50/webinar (40 webinars for $100 annual subscription) or choose a monthly option that costs just $7.50/webinar (4 webinars for $30). 

All webinars and series are offered exclusively to NAPT® ACTS! subscribers and count toward recertification. 

On-Demand NAPT ACTS! Webinars: 

  • How the Challenges of 2020 May Shape Your Future: A Personal Story About Human Resilience
  • Connecting the Boundary Between Science and Operations: Mitigations May Help Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 on the School Bus
  • What School Superintendents Are Paying Attention to Right Now
  • Overcoming the Darkness: Shining Light on Mental Illness
  • Analyzing the Priority Problem: Helping Parents with their Transportation Challenges During the Pandemic
  • ​The Intersection of Content and Remote Learning: Using NAPT® ACTS As a Platform for Professional Development
  • How to Create a Unified Education Community: Focusing on the Social, Emotional, and Academic Health of Students
  • Federal Policy Changes Under the Biden Administration: What That Means for K12 Education
  • A Conversation on Safety with Dr. Thomas Barth of the National Transportation Safety Board
  • The Fight Over Schools Reopening: Understanding and Mitigating the Risks
  • How the Increased Use of School Choice Will Affect Your School's Transportation System
  • Partnerships Against Hunger: School Buses Delivering School Meals
  • Breaking Down the Transportation Security Administration's School Bus BASE Assessment Benchmarking Report
  • Ransomware Attacks on School Districts and the Impact on Transportation Departments
  • Pupil Transportation and the Emergency Connectivity Fund
  • Push 2 Talk, NAPT® ACTS! Series with Mike Martin and Tim Ammon (a series, multiple episodes)
  • Breaking Down the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Federal Education Update with NAPT's Federal Advocacy Liaison
  • The Missing Piece of Your Hiring Process? The School Bus Driver Safety and Risk Index™
  • Why is There Litigation in School Transportation? Lessons From the Experts
  • Electric School Buses: From Zero to Sixty presented by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
    • Part One: NREL Introduction
    • Part Two: Working with Utilities
    • Part Three: Vehicle Requirements
    • Part Four: Charging Infrastructure
    • Part Five: Vehicle In-Use Performance
    • Part Six: Training (Driver & Tech)
    • Part Seven: Cost Factors
  • The Expert in the Room Series featuring NAPT ACTS! sponsor companies:

To add a specific webinar to your calendar, please visit the complete NAPT Events Calendar and click on the specified event. Once subscribed to NAPT ACTS you’ll have access to the sessions and series offered, both live and on-demand; registration for each individual webinar will not be required. 


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