Leading Every Day (LED) Initiative

The Leading Every Day (LED) Initiative is a unique opportunity for NAPT members to take their professional skill sets to the next level. It is the goal of the LED program to attract current and future leaders, bring them together in a collaborative setting, and provide the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out their common mission to be world-class professionals who are looked to as models for our industry. 

2019 Program Details

The program is underway; registration is closed.

Whether you’re brand-new to leadership or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find something inspiring, helpful and relevant in this year’s Leading Every Day (LED) Initiative webinar series: Relational Leadership in the 21st Century. This year’s program focuses on the relational aspect of leadership. Effective leaders – at all levels of an organization – bring heart, integrity, and passion to their role.



Session 1: Forward Motion: The New Role of a Leader
The role of a leader has changed dramatically over the years. What are some of the changes that have transformed the workplace and how do these changes impact leaders? Understanding the current expectations associated with leadership will help you build the skills you need to be successful. In this session, you’ll increase your awareness of current research guiding new management & leadership trends. You’ll gain a keen understanding of your role as a leader in the workplace today.
Session 2: The Mechanics of Effective Leadership
Next, let’s get down to the basics. It’s no longer enough to simply tell people what to do and expect results. We’ll review the essential responsibilities of leaders and learn tips for successfully handling these duties.
Session 3: Cliff Notes© on Coaching
As a leader, you’ll experience more impact if you coach your team members to success rather than simply tell them what to do. We’ll dive into the strategies and approaches used by Performance Coaches, including the use of “coaching questions.” You may think differently about your relationship to your employees at the end of this session!
Session 4: A Dispatch on Communication
You’ve heard it time and time again: communication is imperative to success in today’s workplace. As a leader, it’s even more vital because people rely on you for information about how to do their jobs and what’s happening in the organization. In this session, we’ll spend time exploring the ins & outs of effective communication, including face-to-face communication and communicating with your team. You’ll leave this session with new strategies for conducting your 1-1 meetings and team meetings.  
Session 5: Accountability and Performance
When problems happen on your team, it’s our responsibility as leaders to address them in some fashion. But how do you know when to address a problem and when to let it go? How do you respectfully discuss problems with an employee without causing more damage? This session addresses the tricky balancing act of holding employees accountable.
Session 6: Accelerating Your Team’s Success
There are times when we need to motivate and times when we need to correct; there are times when we need to buckle down and times when celebration is definitely warranted. What can you do as a leader to ensure your employees are motivated, encouraged and feel supported (especially when they do the same thing day in and day out?) This session will provide you with new ideas to create engagement among your team members.

Our Guest Lecturer: Karen Main, MA, (Ph.D., ABD)
Karen Main is the owner of Innovations In Training, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development, team building and process improvement services. Her programs utilize innovative techniques to engage employees in the learning process and this approach has earned her recognition from The Asch Center at Harvard University, Mountain States Employer’s Council and the Association for Talent Development. Karen holds numerous certifications including Advanced Certification in Emergenetics©, certification in the ToP© method of facilitation, certification by the Harvard Kennedy School in “The Art & Craft of Leadership Development” and advanced degrees from the University of Colorado and the University of Denver. She stays current in her field by occasionally teaching at the University of Denver’s University College and is a popular speaker at conferences across the country. When she’s not teaching, she’s traveling and exploring new places and cuisines across the U.S.