Leading Every Day (LED) Initiative

The Leading Every Day (LED) Initiative is a unique opportunity for NAPT members to take their professional skill sets to the next level. It is the goal of the LED program to attract current and future leaders, bring them together in a collaborative setting, and provide the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out their common mission to be world-class professionals who are looked to as models for our industry. 

2017 Program Details

Topic: Strategic Planning & Execution in Real-Life Operating Environments
Guest Lecturer: Raymond Mellady, Managing Director,  USSC Group

Our 2017 LED webinar series is to help current and emerging leaders think more strategically about asset planning, human capital planning and fleet maintenance activities that drive value for participants and their respective stakeholders. 
  • Session 1 - Tuesday, February 21 @ 2pm ET: Strategy Defined – During this first session we'll discuss what 'strategy' is and why is it important for an operating agency. What are the required ingredients for progress? And what are the rules of engagement? Questions and problem framing as important elements of the learning organization.
  • Session 2 - Tuesday, March 21 @ 2pm ET: Strategy Preparation – In this session we will examine elements of how we think that prohibit effective strategic planning. We will review perceptive awareness (thought), emotional intelligence (feeling), and social awareness (engagement). The structure of the mind and how we think, our filing cabinets, filters and retrieval mechanisms will be examined. The Johari Window will be explored to minimize blind spots and expand our feedback mechanisms.
  • Session 3 - Tuesday, April 18 @ 2pm ET: Strategic Inputs –  In this session we'll discuss stakeholder identification and engagement. Vision, Purpose, Values, SWOT and PESTEL – examining the organization or department from both internal and external perspectives. Accepting Reality and proactively addressing key areas of focus. Aligning strengths with opportunities and working to minimize weaknesses and challenges.
  • Session 4 - Tuesday, May 16 @ 2pm ET: Strategic Focus – This session will highlight the process by which we choose the highest value activities that develop momentum toward an outcome. Default and planned time management or as reframed "choice management" activities are also discussed and reviewed in this session. Key metrics are identified and documented – what is success?
  • Session 5 - Tuesday, June 20 @ 2pm ET: Strategic Outputs – During this session we'll begin moving from strategy to execution. Documented strategies to refocus the agency on 3 – 5 key organizational goals that materialize vison. Including accountability structures, and implementation plans. The outcome will be a document that looks 5 – 7 years into the future and plans backward to the next 180 days of activities.
  • Session 6 - Tuesday, July 18 @ 2pm ET: Strategic Execution – This session will provide an overview of strategy in action. Real life (not conceptual) application of strategy in operating environments. Topics will include strategy and change management, strategy and accountability, strategy and advocacy, strategy and asset planning, and strategy and standards development.

Meet Ray Melleady

Raymond Melleady has more than 30 years of experience in public transportation, ranging from front line operations to executive management. In his current role as Managing Director of an international transportation product supplier, he focuses on customer service and corporate development initiatives in the North American transit sector. Melleady is well versed in the fiscal and operational challenges facing transportation professionals. Despite these challenges, Ray has a strong vision for future of public transportation in North America and a firm belief that progress will follow a supportive and progressive national policy framework.

Melleady holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Rosemont College and is a graduate of the Sloan School of Management Executive Programs at MIT. He has instructed executive leadership programs for Dale Carnegie, the Eno Foundation and NTI Rutgers.  

What Does the Registration Fee Cover?

The $199 LED registration fee provides:
  • Registration to all 6 live webinars
  • Access to the recorded and archived webinars at your convenience
  • Again in 2017! Face-to-face networking event at NAPT Summit exclusively for 2017 LED participants (NAPT Summit registration required)
  • Access to our Guest Lecturer, Ray Mellady, throughout and following the program for additional Q&A
  • Access to fellow LED participants for ongoing communication and networking
  • Certificate of Completion
Please contact NAPT's Marketing and Communications Specialist, Megan Geroux, at megan.geroux@napt.org or 800.989.6278 with any questions.