2017 Election Info

President-Elect Candidate

Steve A. Simmons, III
Retired, Columbus City Schools

Personal Statement: I have worked in the field of Pupil Transportation for most of my adult life. I began my career with Columbus City Schools the largest district in the state of Ohio as a mechanic. I worked my way up through the system holding many offices in the district some of which are Garage Supervisor, Fleet Operations Supervisor, Transportation Dispatcher, Director of Transportation. I recently retired form my position of Director with over 33 total years of service with Columbus City Schools.
If elected to the office of NAPT President-Elect I believe my full and complete knowledge of pupil transportation will be an asset to the organization. I have performed all jobs within the typical transportation department including driving the yellow bus and directing a budget of over $60 million dollars.
Since I have recently retired I will be able to commit my total efforts without the (noise) of an employer to ensure I uphold the vision of NAPT of leading, supporting world class professionals who provide safe and efficient pupil transportation for our children.
I will ensure that the training and development of safe student transportation is at the forefront of NAPT. I will guarantee that positive working relationships within NAPT continue and the that members have a voice in the organization.

Region 2 Candidate

Rick Grisham, Ed.S.
Executive Director of Transportation, Cobb County School District (GA)

Personal Statement: I believe in a collaborative team model of management/leadership believing that transportation decisions be based upon “what is best for students” and utilize input from stakeholders and all school district staff. As Transportation Directors we must be confident to empower others, embrace the process, hold stakeholders accountable, and provide the necessary support to the mission and vision. I uphold the highest level of ethics and have the reputation of doing what is right, which creates fairness and consistency in decision making. There must be an adherence to the highest degree of safety, driver training, and fiscal responsibility and I believe there needs to be a 360 degree shared responsibility. Everyone must feel a sense of self-worth and ownership in our departments, school districts, communities, and professional organizations. Also, there must be a steadfast educational component of bus safety and expectations for student behavior and education for everyone.

My immediate goals in the NAPT would be to continue to build the necessary relationships with all stakeholders, as well as, continuing to build the continuity and sustainability of the organization. I want to explore ways NAPT can partner closer with our state associations. 

Major influences on my leadership training and management style have been Stephen Covey and John Maxwell. I adhere strongly to one of Maxwell’s quotes, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” I strive to be an example of a servant leader and put forth the effort to influence others on a daily basis. Additionally, I am a big believer and motivated by the concepts in the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins. We need to go from Good to Great and even to Premier status in all that we do! Our theme for this school year in Cobb is ‘Premier Begins With Me!”

My top core value is my “Christian Faith” and then “A Positive Attitude.”  I speak to every new trainee class and stress the importance of having a positive attitude in all that they do, because in life we are one third learning, one third doing, and one third changing/improving with one’s positive attitude at the center. We must stay positive to get up every day with the mindset that we can influence others and make a difference in everyone’s life where we cross paths.
I believe in being visible, embracing the challenge to help lead NAPT as a Board Member and to promote the mission and vision of the NAPT with a servant heart. It would be an honor to serve as the Region 2 Director!
“A World Class Education Begins With A First Class Bus Ride!”   

Region 3 Candidate

Brad Aemisegger
Director of Transportation, Toledo Public Schools (OH)

I have been associated with student transportation in the state of Ohio for 30 years as an employee of Toledo Public Schools. I started out as a school bus driver while attending college and worked my way up the supervisory chain, first as the AM Dispatcher and then Operations Manager. For the last 8 years I have had the pleasure of heading the department as the Director of Transportation.  
I have been actively involved in the Ohio Association for Pupil Transportation. I was a regional board member of OAPT and then served 3 years as an officer. I was President from 2014 to 2015.
I have already served on the Board in an interim capacity twice, most recently for the last 5 months since Steve Simmons retired and moved to Florida, thereby creating a vacancy. Back in 2015, I was serving on the NAPT Board in my first interim stint when we developed the organization’s current strategic plan. I think it has served us well and believe there is still more we can do to fully implement it. For example, I have been actively engaged in the Apollo Project and want to help the Board and staff get even more people involved. I am therefore interested in serving a full-term as the NAPT Region 3 representative on the NAPT Board. I would appreciate your support.
Thank you for your consideration.

Region 4 Candidate

Kenny Mulder, CDPT-SNT
Director of Transportation, Special School District (MO)

Personal Statement: I have been in the student transportation industry for over 21 years, serving in many positions during my career including Technician, Shop Manager, Fleet Maintenance Director, Operations Manager. I am currently the Director of Transportation for the Special School District of St. Louis County in St. Louis, Missouri.  I am responsible for transportation service for 4700 students to 6 SSD buildings and 22 local school districts and 276 schools throughout St. Louis County. The District is currently operating 325 buses daily to provide transportation for Applied Technology students and students with special needs.
I am honored to have been nominated for the position of NAPT Region Four Director and feel that my experience in providing transportation service to students with special needs and non-disabled students will enable me to be a valuable resource for the NAPT members. I look forward to working with the NAPT Board of Directors who represent a diverse population in the field of pupil transportation. I enjoy meeting and talking with NAPT members throughout the country to gain valuable knowledge and to provide support and encouragement for ongoing professional development for all members of the transportation team. I would encourage everyone to become active members in their State and National Associations and to take advantage of the many career enhancing professional growth opportunities with the NAPT-PDS Course offerings.

Affiliate Director Candidate

Dwight Gleaves
Hydrotex (TX)

Personal Statement: Serving the NAPT Business Partners as the Affiliate Member Director for the last four years has not only been a great experience but a privilege. The NAPT team in Albany has been fantastic in working with me to communicate any and all information pertinent to our Business Partners in a timely manner with information on a regular basis. USEFUL INFORMATION is important to relay from NAPT Board meetings, for upcoming events, business opportunities, etc. Any and all request made by Business Partners has been addressed and considered by the board. All requests are considered important and we welcome any recommendations or suggestions. Hydrotex and I have been dedicated to Pupil Transportation for over 40 years in Texas and expanded nationally following our first NAPT Summit in 1995. We strive to developed relationships on the local, state and the national stage.

Personally, I have been associated with Hydrotex for 53 years. The Pupil Transportation industry is the most rewarding of all markets I have worked in our company. Why?? The friends I personally have made these 30 years around the US. Retirement is far in the distance for me. Not seeing my friends would be the greatest loss in my career.

NAPT has made great strides before and during my tenure and we continue to move forward in a positive manner to offer the most comprehensive programs to offer our membership and Business Partners.

As your Affiliate Member Director, I feel I have tried to provide the dedication to the vision of NAPT and the board continues to develop world class professionals that provide safe and efficient transportation for our children and grandchildren. If elected for a third term, that will be my last to serve per NAPT bylaws. I will take it as a privilege to serve you one last time.  I will continue to be your voice to communicate your suggestions and opinions.

Many of you I have the privilege to call you my friend. It will be an honor to represent you for the third and last two-year term as Affiliate Board Member.