School Bus Driver Safety and Risk Index™

The Missing Piece of Your Hiring Process

A driver assessment instrument called The School Bus Driver Safety and Risk Index™ is unlike anything you have ever seen, it cannot be gamed and it is going to change safety in the student transportation industry!
Unlike assessments you may have given in the past, this is NOT a personality-based assessment NOR is it an IQ test. This assessment is a unique, values-based assessment, created from research nominated for a Nobel Prize. It has been specifically tailored to our industry in order to measure an individual’s capacity to demonstrate sound judgment and make good decisions behind the wheel of a school bus.  

Our Goal Is To Ensure Your Drivers Are Safer So That Children Will Be Safer!

What Does This Mean For You? We See You Using This In Two Ways:

  1. As a first line assessment in hiring. If a driver candidate scores poorly the process can stop before money is spent on DMV checks, background checks or drug screenings.
  2. To assess current employees in order to find where you may be vulnerable so you can make sure those employees receive additional training, etc.
About The School Bus Driver Safety and Risk Index™:
  1. It is easy to administer
  2. It takes about 10-15 minutes to take online and you get the results back within 5 minutes of completion
  3. It is extremely accurate and has hundreds of validity studies to back that up
  4. It is only $40 per assessment
  5. It is a tailored to our industry
  6. NAPT membership is not a requirement to use this instrument
Here Is Some Of What It Measures:
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Task accomplishment, dependability and work ethic
  • Capacity to deal with difficult people and situations
  • Ability to notice, sense, absorb clues
  • Focus and concentration capacity
  • Following directions
  • Personal and work stress, coping skills and attitude
  • Capacity to understand what’s most important
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NAPT has partnered with the Dash Group, an Atlanta-based consulting firm, ( who, in conjunction with the Judgment Index™ (, created a product tailored to our industry in order to make children safer by giving them safer drivers.

The Judgment Index™ is a trusted assessment based upon years of research and validation by a scientist who was nominated for a Nobel Prize for this work. It is not a personality assessment but can actually measure indicators that go into your driver’s capacity to demonstrate good judgment behind the wheel of your school buses. The capacity for good Judgment is key in increasing safety and mitigating risk to students!

Here's how the Judgment Index™ has benefited companies in the construction industry.