10 Steps to Becoming a Military-Ready Employer

As part of the 44th Annual NAPT Conference & Trade Show in October 2018, Sherrill A. Curtis, SPHR, principal & creative director for Curtis Consulting Group, LLC, presented a session on engaging veterans as one solution for managing the nation-wide driver shortage challenge. Ms. Curtis spearheaded the 2009 Pinnacle Award-winning program “Mission Career Success” providing career transition services for over 800 returning service members and their families. She co-developed the grant-funded “Project Connect” offering in transition assistance for veterans with disabilities.

She developed Support from Behind the Lines: 10 Steps to Becoming a Military-Ready Employer, a toolkit to guide hiring professionals in how to effectively source, assimilate and support all military-connected talent (veterans, guard, reservists, and their supporting family members) in the workplace. It also describes how to assess an organization’s culture and resources related to military-connected employees, and how to develop initiatives that will best fulfill the organization’s needs.

It may make sense for your organization to take the 10 steps that follow in the order presented. Or, you may take the steps in a different order if that makes more sense in your environment. You might even skip some steps if you already have certain things in place. Consider the steps as touch points for you to think about and act on and perhaps circle back to at various developmental stages in your program.

Click here to download the toolkit.