How to Become Certified

Step 1: Professional Development

Complete the required Professional Development courses for your desired certification type. To see the requirements for the different certifications available, please click through the different options in the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

Step 2: Application

Submit an application and references, along with the application/exam fee. Click here for the Application for Professional Certification. The application must be submitted along with documentation supporting educational background and expertise in the selected certification category. Once received in headquarters, the application is reviewed to ensure that all required documentation has been submitted and contains evidence of knowledge, skill, proficiency, and responsibility in the appropriate professional category. Please note, current and active NAPT membership is required to take any certification exam and maintain certification. Learn more about NAPT membership.

Step 3: Exam

Once the application and related materials have been approved, you will need to pass a final examination. All exams can be taken at the annual NAPT Summit, or NAPT will work with you to find an exam proctor in your area. The CSNT exam is available online, and we are working to get additional exams online as well.