Bringing PDS to Your State

Looking for ready-to-go content to bring to your State Conference or district? NAPT's Professional Development Series is a great way to bring quality content to your group, and help your members or employees further their own professional development. Plus, NAPT is here to help with every step of the way! Become a course sponsor to bring PDS courses right to your neck of the woods.

How Does This Work?
All course sponsors are required to purchase a license from NAPT to offer each PDS course. The license fee will be issued and billed based on the anticipated number of course participants. Please note that the pricing below is for 4-hour PDS courses, and there will be an additional $300 fee for 8-hour courses. If a course has higher attendance than anticipated, billing will be increased by NAPT once the final rosters are received. If registration is lower than anticipated, course sponsors may be able to receive a reimbursement by contacting NAPT at least two weeks prior to the class. The number of anticipated attendees that NAPT has on file two weeks before the start date is considered a guarantee and at that point there will be no reimbursements given. All participants who are listed on a course roster provided to NAPT must be paid for and each participant will receive course completion certificates and course credit from NAPT. 

Electronic rosters (in excel format) must be provided by the course sponsor to NAPT in order for participants to receive course credit and a course certificate. Click here to see an example of the information we will need on the check-in list/roster. 

                                                                                        Number of Students in Class
# of Courses Offered 1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100
1 $1000 per class $1250 per class $1500 per class $1750 per class
2 $950 per class $1200 per class $1450 per class $1700 per class
3 $900 per class $1150 per class $1400 per class $1650 per class
4 (or more) $850 per class $1100 per class $1350 per class $1600 per class

In addition to the above fees, course sponsors will also be responsible for:
  • Please note that the pricing above is for 4-hour PDS courses, and there will be an additional $300 fee for 8-hour courses.
  • All expenses (hotel & travel) incurred by the PDS instructor, other than the instructor stipend which is paid by NAPT. 
  • The cost of course materials (workbooks, printing, etc.), including shipping & handling. Please note that the number of workbooks you'll be able to order will be limited to the number of participants you pay for.
  • All costs associated with the classroom (room rental, audio visual, etc.)
Course sponsors may impose a separate fee on course participants to recoup all or a portion of these expenses. 

NAPT will recommend an instructor for you based on location and anticipated costs, although you may request a specific instructor if you have one in mind. (NAPT must approve requested instructors.)

Questions? Contact NAPT's Education Specialist Janna Smeltzer at 800.989.6278 or

Click here to complete a PDS course request and agreement form