Buffalo Road Show Program Schedule

New for all NAPT® events - we are offering Continuing Education Units (CEU's). The Raleigh Road Show will offer (8) CEU's. NAPT® will award units within 30 days after the event concludes.

If you are working on a certification this event qualifies as a major conference plus a Professional Development Series (PDS) course is available! CEU units may be used for NAPT® certifications and renewals and for other organizations. Please verify with your organization their requirements for CEU’s. Some agencies may require additional information and may not accept specialized programs.

Monday, July 31, 2023

PDS 304: Best Practices When Collecting, Analyzing and Using Data (pre-registration required)

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Welcome Reception & Dinner
Tuesday, August 1, 2023


Opening Session and Sponsor Introductions

The E Factor- The Power of Employee Recognition and Encouragement (Part One)
Presented by: Molly McGee-Hewitt, PhD, CAE, NAPT® Executive Director and CEO
Session Description: How to turn your division or operation into a positive, people-centered organization that builds loyalty, professionalism, and compassion. This session will introduce you to the power of encouragement and how to transform daily meetings, emails, and training into opportunities that encourage and support your team. In addition, Molly will provide practical and unique tools and techniques to enhance your leadership and operations. From leading up to your supervisors and district officials to your team - you can become a positive force in your organization.

Make Sure It’s There When You Need It: Understanding the Role of Automatic Fire Suppression in Pupil Transportation
Presented by: Ken Hedgecock, National Sales Manager at United Safety and Survivability
Session Description: In this session, we will discuss the role of automatic fire suppression in transporting children safely. The goal is to provide an educational experience in which we consider the circumstances automatic fire suppression is needed as well as the different approaches to fire suppression currently available to pupil transportation providers. We will consider the different types of fire sources and how systems attack the various fuel sources, including the facts about the role of fire suppression in electric vehicles.

Coffee Break

Student Management on the School Bus

Presented by: 
  • David Christopher, Executive Director of New York Pupil Transportation Association (NYAPT)
  • Al Karam, Director of Transportation for Shenendehowa Central School District
  • Peter Lawrence, Ed.D., CDPT, Senior Consultant, Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI)
Session Description: In this session, we will review the importance of behavior management strategies on the school. Together, we will take an in-depth look at how best to prepare drivers and attendants within the school district structure. 


Creating the Safest School Bus

Presented by: 
  • Kim Martin, Industry Engagement Consultant at Tyler Technologies 
  • GP Singh, CEO & Founder at ByteCurve
  • Additional speakers will be confirmed shortly.
Session Description: In this session, we will delve into the products they have designed to promote student and driver safety. Learning how, together, we can create the safest school bus for our students nationwide.

Coffee Break

Best Practices in Special Needs Transportation

Presented by:
  • Peter Lawrence, Ed.D., CDPT, Senior Consultant, Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI)
  • Launi Schmutz-Harden, Transportation Consultant and Retired Director of Transportation
Session Description: In this session, we will work to better understand the meaning of special education and how districts are expected to safely transport students with special needs. Together, we will:
  • Take a deep dive into IDEA and 504 
  • Develop clear policies and procedures related to transporting students with disabilities. These policies will outline how to handle various situations that may arise during transport, such as medical emergencies or behavior issues, to include positive behavior interventions
  • Discuss the use of special needs equipment such as CSRS, tie down systems, and manual lifts
  • Explore best practices on how to communicate and take care of special needs students during an emergency
  • Learn about transportation's role at IEP meetings

Alternatives to the School Bus Driver Shortage 

Speakers and session description to follow.

Networking Reception (dinner on your own)
Wednesday, August 2, 2023


The E Factor- The Power of Employee Recognition and Encouragement
Part Two - continuation of day one's session

Presented by: Molly McGee-Hewitt, PhD, CAE, NAPT® Executive Director and CEO
Advocacy and YOU!
Presented by: Peter Mannella, President, Policy Matters, NAPT® Public Policy Committee Chair 
Session Description: For many in school transportation, the job ends at the facility door.  Things have gotten more and more difficult in our business in terms of funding and drivers among other issues. As a result, we need to consider our role in the larger discussion about school bus safety and the serious needs of the industry. In this session, we will explore the "why" of advocacy and its role in our lives as professionals. We will also get down into some mechanics, resources and tools that school transportation leaders can employ to get their message out and to make a difference for the safety of the children and the future of the yellow school bus. 

Closing Remarks

Boxed Lunch - safe travels!