NAPT® Staffing Announcement

NAPT® President Rick Grisham and NAPT® Foundation President Steve Kalmes, CDPT, are pleased to announce that the organizations are taking steps to strengthen their capacity to support and assist the industry and their members.
The Boards of Directors adopted a strategic plan that focuses on member growth and services as well as enhanced professional development opportunities. To accomplish this, the Boards approved a new organizational structure for both entities and today announced staffing changes.

Together they opted to transition to a small-staff structure with the Boards of Directors providing general oversight and guidance. A staff of four directors will work as a team of equal partners, responsible for implementing the Board's vision and strategic priorities.

The new staff leadership includes:

Janna Smeltzer, Managing Director and Director of Membership and Internal Affairs. Smeltzer will be the senior staff member in the new team structure. She is the former Education & Member Services Coordinator and has been with NAPT® for 10 years. She managed and strengthened the Professional Development Series (PDS) and certification programs, coordinated conference logistics, led membership services, trained new staff, and carried out many other leadership responsibilities.

Angela Kelly, CMP, Director of Marketing and Events. Kelly, who joined NAPT® in 2020, holds a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation through the Events Industry Council. She coordinated the association's marketing, communications, and social media functions, and managed the numerous events and webinars that have become the mainstay of the association and foundation offerings through the pandemic.

Grisham and Kalmes also announced recruitment efforts would begin immediately to fill two newly created positions: Director of Communications and Public Affairs and Director of Education and Professional Growth. Grisham stated, “We are seeking two solid professionals to round out our team and help drive us toward our strategic goals and vision.”

Grisham noted that long-time Executive Director and CEO Michael Martin is beginning his new role as the Managing Director for the NAPT® Collaborative, a joint venture first announced in August 2021 between NAPT® and the Center for Effective School Operations (CESO), based in Minneapolis. In that capacity, Martin also will continue to serve as a strategic advisor and provide guidance to the NAPT® and Foundation Boards. He will be dedicating his efforts in the immediate future to NAPT®'s relationships with the AASA (the Superintendents Association), ASBO International, NAPT®'s School BUSRide magazine, the American School Bus Council, and the recently announced Electric School Bus Collaborative.

“This new leadership framework for our association reflects what we learned during the pandemic about flexibility and innovation,” Grisham noted. We see this team-based approach as an exciting opportunity, filled with potential. It positions us to speak for and support our industry and our members in the best way we know how. That's what our members have come to expect from their association.”

NAPT® Foundation President Steve Kalmes said, “The NAPT® Foundation is excited about this opportunity to strengthen and enhance our industry's educational offerings. This will ensure that transportation professionals have access to an expansive suite of programs and platforms for learning. Our team at the Foundation and NAPT® will bring us to the next level of quality and content products and services for our profession.”

Additional information about the developments at NAPT® and the Foundation will be provided in future editions of School BUSRide magazine, the organization's official publication, and other NAPT® communications.