Specialist Certification

Training for Pupil Transportation Specialist was developed for individuals who perform as a paraprofessional in the pupil transportation industry. A Specialist must demonstrate the ability to carry out responsibilities at the middle management level.

A Transportation Specialist candidate must complete the required core classes and concentration specific classes in order to become a Certified Specialist. Each concentration is approximately 20 hours of training. The following courses have been identified as the required course work for the Transportation Specialist. In addition to the core courses, professional skill enhancement electives have been identified to accompany the training program for the Specialist.

Certification Application

There are four different concentrations in the Specialist category. They are:

  1. Routing
  2. Dispatch
  3. Safety & Training
  4. Vehicle Maintenance

To become a Certified Specialist, you need to select a concentration and complete the specific classes assigned to that certification. For example, upon completion of the Certified Specialist for routing, your certification would be a Certified Pupil Transportation Specialist with a concentratio

Specific certification requirements are:

Select the type of Certified Specialist below to see the requirements:



Vehicle Maintenance

Safety & Training

CPTS Application and Costs

The current fee for certification enrollment, application and exam is $50 (U.S. funds) for members of NAPT. Non members must pay a fee of $150 (U.S. funds), which includes their NAPT membership for one year. The certification fee is used for processing and is non-refundable. Click here for the NAPT Certification Application

The fees for NAPT members to attend PDS courses are $20 (in person) and $40 (online). PDS courses at the NAPT Summit are available at no charge to current NAPT members. 

Non member fees to attend the courses are $50 (in person) and $100 (online).